Saturday, January 6, 2018

Weekend Headlines - Marvel News

Marvel has removed America from its line of "Legacy" titles as of this month's #11. The publisher notified retailers this week that the issue "was incorrectly solicited as a Legacy title. This title is not a Legacy title."

Originally launched in March 2017, America was promoted as part of the "Legacy" line-up in the summer beginning with October's America #8.

"While America doesn’t have the publishing history of a character like Captain America, she’s an important part of 'Legacy' for us because she represents core Marvel values," series editor Sarah Brunstad said back in July when America's involvement in "Legacy" was announced.

No reason was given for Marvel's change to America's "Legacy" inclusion, but it joins several other ongoing Marvel titles such as Runaways outside that line-up.

America has no new issue solicited for March 2018, but has not yet been announced as ending by the publisher or its creators.