Thursday, December 21, 2017

Throwback Thursday - 20 Years Ago

Another disappointing year for comics sales ended with several of its larger events. From Image, Darkness #11, with its then-record-setting 11 variant covers, released the last week of the year with the highest preorder numbers of the year, more than 357,000 copies.

Meanwhile, Marvel finished up its round of "Heroes Return" re-launches, undoing the "Heroes Reborn" re-launches from a little over a year before. The new titles outperformed the most recent issues of the titles they replaced, but that would not last for long.

And DC took advantage of the fifth week in December for a fifth-week even, "New Year's Evil."

While 1997 was down from 1996, it did at least represent an end to the Distribution Wars, which had concluded in April. The number of preordered copies barely topped 100 million.

Top 10 for 1997 Comic Book Sales:

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