Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Comic Book Preview - Conan Omnibus Volume 4 TP

Conan Omnibus Volume 4 TP
Timothy Truman (W/A), Roy Thomas (W), Darick Robertson (W), Tomás Giorello (P), Joe Kubert (A), Mike Hawthorne (P), John Lucas (I), Jason Gorder (I), José Villarrubia (C), Dave Stewart (C), Dan Jackson (C), and Cary Nord (Cover)
On sale May 9
FC, 456 pages
TP, 7” x 10”
The Dark Horse Conan Omnibus series continues with more acclaimed dark fantasy tales of hot blood and cold steel, Including the adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s “Iron Shadows in the Moon” and the long-awaited return ofConanthe Barbarian comics scribe Roy Thomas, in “Road of Kings.”
Collects Conanvolume 9: Free Companions (Conan the Cimmerian #14, #16–21), Conan volume 10: Iron Shadows in the Moon (Conan the Cimmerian 22–25, Conan and the Mad King of Gaul, Conan: Weight of the Crown), Conan volume 11: Road of Kings (Conan: Road of Kings #1-6)
• Features the return to Conan by original Conanthe Barbarian comics scribe Roy Thomas.
• Includes art by comics legend Joe Kubert.