Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback In Comics - Top 50 November 2000 Comic Book Sales

November 2000 Comic Book Sales Figures
Estimated Comics Preordered by North American Comics Shops
as Reported by Diamond Comic Distributors
Comic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. preorders
1Uncanny X-Men 388$2.25Marvel110,874
2X-Men 108$2.25Marvel109,190
3Battle Chasers 7$2.50DC86,708
4Wolverine 158$2.25Marvel77,481
5JLA 49$2.25DC74,274
610th Muse 1*$2.95Image73,301
7Avengers 36$2.25Marvel67,575
8Punisher 10$2.99Marvel67,473
9Daredevil 14 (Res)$2.99Marvel63,773
10Spawn 104$2.50Image63,742
11Daredevil 15 (Res)$2.99Marvel63,453
12X-Men The Search For Cyclops 2* $2.99Marvel58,327
13Wolverine 2000$3.50Marvel55,079
14Universe X 4$3.50Marvel53,809
15Rising Stars 12$2.50Image52,898
16Fantastic Four 37$2.25Marvel52,516
17Ultimate Spider-Man 3$2.50Marvel51,899
18X-Men Forever 1$3.50Marvel51,743
19Tomb Raider 9$2.50Image51,583
20Peter Parker Spider-Man 25$2.99Marvel49,718
21Harley Quinn 2$2.25DC49,411
22Daredevil Spider-Man 1$2.99Marvel49,118
23Spidey A Universe X Special$3.99Marvel45,573
24Amazing Spider-Man Foil Cvr 25$3.99Marvel45,391
25Iron Man 36$2.25Marvel45,138
26Batman 585$2.25DC44,422
27Thor 31$2.25Marvel44,209
28X-Force 110$2.25Marvel44,165
29Cable 87$2.25Marvel43,969
30Midnight Nation 3$2.50Image43,578
31Captain America 37$2.25Marvel43,192
32Detective Comics 752$2.50DC42,828
33Superman 164$2.25DC42,152
34Mutant X 27$2.25Marvel41,655
35Batgirl 10$2.50DC41,504
36Generation X 71$2.25Marvel40,744
37Maximum Security 3$2.99Marvel40,318
38Action Comics 773$2.25DC39,749
39Butcher Knight 1 (Res)$2.50Image39,638
40Black Widow Breakdown 1$2.99Marvel39,491
41JSA 18$2.50DC39,465
42Nightwing 51$2.25DC38,781
43Daredevil Ninja 2$2.99Marvel38,576
44Thunderbolts 46$2.25Marvel38,385
45Star Wars Darth Maul 3$2.99Dark Horse37,906
46Marvel Knights 7$2.99Marvel37,688
47X-Men Magik 2$2.99Marvel37,568
48Superman The Man Of Steel 108$2.25DC37,564
49Adventures Of Superman 586$2.25DC37,510
50Authority 21$2.50DC37,492