Thursday, October 12, 2017

Top 3 Comics To Read

Comic Book Fans,

You want something different to read? Well, how about these comic book titles.

Princess And Goblin Illus SC $12.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
Young Princess Irene wanders the lonely halls of her absent father's castle, her nursemaid Lootie at her side, and comes upon a gorgeous, enigmatic woman - who turns out to be Irene's great-great-grandmother. The following night, Lootie and Irene find themselves beyond the bounds of the castle and are beset upon by goblins! They are saved by a miner boy named Curdie, who soon learns of both the goblins' dire plan to destroy the palace, and their greatest weakness. Together, Irene and Curdie - with the help of Irene's great- great-grandmother's magic - join forces to save the kingdom from the goblins' wily plots.

The Bunker TPB Vol. 01 (Square One Edition) $10.00 ONI Press
Get the first volume of the critically-acclaimed series for just $10! On their way to bury a time capsule, five friends - Grady, Heidi, Natasha, Daniel, and Billy - uncover a metal bunker buried deep in the woods. Inside, they find letters addressed to each of them... from their future selves. Told they will destroy the world in the very near future, the friends find themselves, over the next few days, growing further and further apart. Though they've been warned against making the wrong choices, how do they know what the right ones are? Can the future really be changed, or will an even darker fate engulf the world?

Zen Home (One Shot) $3.99 Devils Due
Not many indy comics ever make it to 20 issues. Zen Intergalactic Ninja is one of those rare indy titles with more than 100 comic books to date. In publishing years, Zen is 30, as the first issue appeared in November, 1987. But Zen has been searching for his Home Planet for what seems forever. Master Satva had only provided hints to his origin until now. Zen, a genetic experiment deemed a failure, had been rescued by the scientist Teslah and launched into space with the words, 'May the Great Creator protect you!'