Thursday, September 14, 2017

Top 3 Comics To Read

Greetings Everyone,

If you love comics, then you'll like checking out anime comic books! One awesome price and it's very cool to read!

Dragons Rioting GN Vol. 08 $13.00 Yen Press
The school of Black Mist and Dark Skies have suddenly shown up at Nangokuren and a four on four fight is declared! Will Rintaro and the Dragons of Nangokuren make it out on top?

Is Wrong Pick Up Girls Dungeon Novel SC Vol. 09 $14.00 Yen On
Having reached a new level of the Dungeon, the Colossal Tree Labyrinth, Bell meets a dragon girl named Wiene who can speak human language. Once he learns she has come under attack from humans and monsters alike, he vows to protect her. This decision brings chaos to the capital as the two navigate ruthless hunters, the irremediable strife between monsters and humans, and the plans of the Guild's true leader. The bizarre situation shakes humans, monsters, and deities to the core in volume nine!

Strike The Blood GN Vol. 08 $13.00 Yen Press
Time is running out for Kanon Kanase. If they can't stop the faux-angel ritual in time, she'll ascend from realm of mankind and become something truly inhuman. Will the Fourth Primogenitor be strong enough to stop this madness before it's too late? The Amphisbaena arc reaches its heart-pounding conclusion!