Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekend Headlines - Jim Lee Making Bat News

Jim Lee has premiered the pencils for his variant cover to Dark Nights: Metal #2, with a bit of a homage to his early years before DC... or even the X-Men.

"'Kiss that baby goodbye!' Pencils for Batman: Metal cover #2!," Lee tweeted. "Oddly enough, not my first cover with a hero & a jet ski ???? #dccomics #batman"

What he's referring to is his 1990 cover to Punisher War Journal #20, which proved popular enough
for Marvel to re-use it in a later trading card set.

In that case, it says Punisher rented the jet ski - we imagine Batman's is one he owns and has customized.

Bat-ski, anyone? Seriously!!!!!!!!

Dark Nights: Metal #2 is due out September 13, 2017