Sunday, August 6, 2017

Weekend Headlines - Comic Book Spotlight!

Justice League #26 $2.99 DC Comics
'LEGACY' part one! A group of heroes from a post-apocalyptic future escape into the past to stop their world from coming to be. But to do it they're going to need the help of the Justice League - who just happen to be these time travelers' parents!

Justice League writer/artist Bryan Hitch will leave the title in October, following the conclusion of the "Legacy" arc, which will see the Justice League visited by their children from a dystopian future.

"So, tweaks and edits aside, Justice League is done," Hitch tweeted. "Thanks for all the support; as always we can't do it without you."

He indicated that there were plans for him to draw one more arc of Justice League, but that the plans changed. Hitch started his time with the characters as a writer/artist in the days of the "DC You" initiative's JLA and then remained on with a rotating cast of artists, himself included, for Justice League in the Rebirth line.

Hitch will next move on to Hawkman Found, a story spinning out of the events of the Dark Nights: Metal event, written by Jeff Lemire and featuring art by Hitch and Kevin Nowlan. The first post-Hitch Justice League issue, #32, is also set to tie into Metal in November.

Pre-Flashpoint, Hawkman had a long history with the Justice Society of America -- something that is interesting considering that when one fan asked him whether he might return for a Justice League/Justice Society crossover down the line, Hitch tweeted, "funny you should say that..."

Hitch told fans via Twitter that while he has some "slow-cooking" writing jobs in the works, he is happy to return to art full time and excited about the potential Hawkman is offering.

"I've been burning through art pages far quicker than ever. Thought I was doing something wrong then realised single character not team book!" Hitch tweeted. "I've drawn team and group books for decades. One character per panel rather than 5-15. Never occurred to me it would be faster. D'oh!"