Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DVD Tuesday - New DVD Releases August 8th, 2017

King Arthur Legend of The Sword (2017)
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
MPAA rating: PG-13
Director: Guy Ritchie
Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Aidan Gillen, Annabelle Wallis
Plot: A young Arthur has grown up in the alleyways and backstreets of London, with no knowledge of his royal lineage until he does the impossible and pulls Excalibur - the Sword in the Stone. Forced in to his new role, he joins an underground rebellion, learn to utilize the power of his sword and unite the people against the dictator Vortigern - the man who killed his parents.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017)
Language: English
Genre: Comedy/Family
MPAA rating: PG
Director: David Bowers
Actors: Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Joshua Hoover
Plot: Greg convinces his family to attend his great grandmother's 90th birthday and a road trip ensues. But the real reason behind this "family" trip is so Greg can get in to a gamer convention. Of course nothing quite goes as planned for Greg or the Heffley family.

Snatched (2017)
Language: English
Genre: Comedy/Action
MPAA rating: R
Director: Jonathan Levine
Actors: Amy Schumer, Ike Barinholtz, Goldie Hawn
Plot: After she is dumped by her boyfriend, the spontaneous Emily persuades her more cautious-minded mother to take a vacation with her to Ecuador. While her mother is content to take things easy, Emily seeks adventure, but when it winds up with the duo being kidnapped the two polar opposites will have to work together in order to survive and escape.