Saturday, August 5, 2017

Comic Book Preview - Pokémon X•Y, Vol. 12

Pokémon X•Y, Vol. 12By Hidenori Kusaka, Art by Satoshi Yamamoto
Team Flare makes a second attempt to activate the Ultimate Weapon and destroy the Kalos region! And this time, X, Y and friends will need some truly expert help to put a stop to the evil organization's nefarious plan and heartless methods. Yet as this heart-pounding battle comes to an end, it's our friends who are faced with a moral dilemma...
Also, will Yveltal and Xerneas fight on for eternity...?
For all ages.
ISBN 13978-1-4215-9625-9
On Sale Date         2017-10-03
Price USA              $4.99
Price CAN             $6.99
Dimension            5 1/2 x 7
Format                   TP/112 pages/b&w