Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thrusday's Headlines - Star Wars Comics News

Jason Aaron is ending two year-run on Marvel's Star Wars title with October's #37, with Doctor Aphra writer Kieron Gillen taking over. Gillen had previously co-written Star Wars for two issues during the "Vader Down" crossover, along with his own Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra titles.

“Kieron is one of the best writers in comics today, with comics that span so many different styles and genres,” said editor Jordan D. White. “He’s shown through the crossovers with his Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra series that he has just as great a grasp on the heroes of the Star Wars galaxy as he does on its villains (and gray-area archaeologists). And any fan of his knows he’s no stranger to the operatic saga! I could not be happier to have him taking the reins.”

Gillen is scheduled to work with artist Salvador Larocca, who has been on the book since December 2016's Star Wars #26. Larocca worked with Gillen on the previous volume of Darth Vader.