Saturday, July 8, 2017

Comics, Comics, Comics!

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Happy Saturday to all! If you need some comics to read this weekend, then checkout these awesome titles.  Have a great day comic book fans!

Riverdale #4 $3.99 Archie Comics
From Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of the new CW series Riverdale, this all-new, ongoing comic series features stories set in between episodes of the new CW TV series Riverdale.

Justice League #24 $2.99 DC Comics
'AFTERLIVES' part three! Our heroes' mission into the afterlife goes horribly wrong when the Demons Three trap the Justice League in a hellish realm where they're haunted and tortured by the ghosts of fallen heroes, dead villains and innocent civilians whose lives they failed to save.

No World #3 $3.99 Aspen Comics
They exist in the all-new ASPEN UNIVERSE? yet belong to NO ONE! The uneasy alliance learns that they must come to a sobering compromise in order to take on the greater threat-the manufacturing evil on a scale unlike anything seen before. However, even the collective actions of this super-powered group may be too late to stop the machinations of this malevolent conglomerate!

Predator Hunters #3 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
Contact! The assault team encounters the Predator at night on the tropical island! First blood goes to the alien hunter, but ten-to-one odds and machine guns favor the humans . . . unless there's something about their quarry they don't know!

Vampirella #4 $3.99 Dynamite Entertainment
Ever wondered what happens to your soul when you die? Spent time pondering if karma is real? Questioned whether there's a greater power out there watching to see if we've been naughty or nice? This month, Vampirella is your guide as all your existential questions are answered. Rudely!