Saturday, July 1, 2017

Comics, Comics, Comics!

Happy Saturday Comic Book Fans,

If you need some comics to read, then checkout these awesome comic book titles for your weekend enjoyment!

Zombie Tramp #36 $3.99 Danger Zone Comics
Thoughts and memories are shared about the mysterious and powerful Kaiju Queen. Where did she come from? What's her plan? Morning and Xula remember the past as they await Janey's awakening.

Action Comics #982 $2.99 DC Comics
'REVENGE' part four! General Zod takes command as he leads Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Mongul, Blanque and Metallo against Superman-but his real motives are yet to be revealed and may have far graver consequences for Superman than anyone imagines.

Pathfinder Runescars #2 $3.99 Dynamite Entertainment
The Pathfinder heroes take on the dreaded Hellknights! Having identified the serial killer stalking Korvosa's streets, Seoni and her friends must undertake their most foolhardy quest yet-sneaking into a Hellknight fortress! Once inside, they'll need to battle devils and infernal traps in order to search a wizard's workshop for clues.

Star Wars Droids Unplugged #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Collecting three stories featuring everyone's favorite droids! What adventures did the probe droids in The Phantom Menace get into when Darth Maul wasn't looking? Luke's got a mission for R2-D2! But can the astromech complete it in time? And all BB-8 wants is to help? two Resistance soldiers fall in love!

Blankshot #1 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
Marcus King: modern-day Robin Hood or terrorist? Maybe both? When Marcus comes face to face with an adversary who knows all of his carefully buried truths, he's forced to become the man he has always pretended to be. And punch a small army of dudes. And blow up stuff. Lots of stuff.