Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Comic Book Spotlight! - Wynonna Earp Season Zero #1

Wynonna Earp Season Zero #1 $3.99 IDW Publishing
Outlaws. Mavericks. Werewolves. These are The Banditos, the gang Wynonna ran with in her wildest, pre-Black Badge days. Somebody, or something is killing them off, one by one. It's up to Wynonna to return to her roots, and find out why! Telling the never-before-seen story of Wynonna's outlaw past-only hinted at on Syfy's Wynonna Earp TV series-finally revealed here! Never-before-told story that ties into Syfy's Wynonna Earp TV series! Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy in June! Secrets of Wynonna Earp's past revealed!