Sunday, June 18, 2017

Interview With Video Game Cosplay on Twitter

Welcome Comic Book fans,

Today, I wanted to something different outside the box and do an interview via Twitter with someone I've been following for sometime now. Here is my interview with Matt who is known as VideoGameCoplay on Twitter. Matt is also assisted by this friend, Leon, has also been helping me during the last few months.

(NWCG) Tell me about yourself? Where did you grow up? What got you into Coplay?

(VGC) My interest in cosplay comes from the fact that I'm passionate about Video Games, and from the fact I like Attractive Girls. Part of cosplay is a combination of both of these aspects. I became a fan when I saw Enji Night's Chun-Li cosplay - I thought it was awesome.

The reason I became an Active Participant (that is post cosplays) is because I think I can provide real value to fans, cosplayers & photographers. Prior to launching , I had a Gaming twitter account with around 2,000 followers. Out of all the gaming things I was tweeting about, video game cosplay pics worked the best - so it made sense to focus on that aspect.

(NWCG) What type of video games did you play growing up?

(VGC) Many types actually. But I have a preference for RPGs, Strategy & sport games. My favorite games are Warcraft/ WoW, Civilization series, Fifa Football Manager & Assassin's Creed. I have actually stopped playing Fifa Football Manager a few years ago - too addictive & takes way too much time.

(NWCG) Do you have a favorite comic book convention show you like to visit?

(VGC) I've visited San Diego Comic-Con twice & New York Comic Con once - but that was before I became involved in cosplay. Due to its sheer magnitude, I'll say SD Comic-Con is my favorite convention. Even if I don't go to Cons anymore, I still have people representing me at some cons (usually photographers & sometimes cosplayers).

(NWCG) What comic book characters in do you like the most? How's cosplays changed over the years?

(VGC) My favorite Female comic book character is Emma Frost (I'm referring to the version played by January Jones) - I like feminine women who are strong & ruthless. Fave male comic book character - Wolverine (Hugh Jackman version) - I suppose I identify with him since he's quite manly & is a no-nonsense guy. I've only been involved with the worldwide community for a few years. But from what I've read, and conversations I've had with cosplayers & photographers, the big chance in cosplay came with Jessica Nigri & her now famous Pikachu costume at SDCC. Overnight, cosplay became fashionable - guys all over the world realised that there are some hot girls in cosplay, and girls wanted be like Jessica. Until then, cosplay was a relatively small affair, and often ridiculed by outsiders; now it's a global phenomenon.

(NWCG) What advice would you have for those who what to cosplay, the do's and don'ts?

(VGC) Do's & Don'ts for Cosplayers:
Do's - Have fun - Learn to make costume & props - Learn advanced makeup skills - Roleplay - Learn about the character in detail (makes costume-making & roleplay easier) - Buy the costume & props if
you can't make them - it's still cosplay

- Start cosplaying even if unsure of skills - you'll get better with time. - Build a relationship with other cosplayers, photographers & feature accounts

- Open Social Media accounts - on Twitter, Facebook, Deviant Art, Instagram & Patreon. - Go to Cons - Cosplay is for everybody (it's important to remember that)

- For cosplayers who want to have Lots of Fans, Sell Prints & being sponsored on Patreon - take into account what fans want. - Being hot & doing sexy cosplays is always an advantage for female cosplayers (but it's important to point out that it's possible to become a top cosplayer just by doing awesome costumes & roleplay).

- Good looks isn't that an advantage for Male cosplayers - if they want to reach the top, they need to focus on Outstanding costumes & roleplay.

Don'ts - Don't get into debt to do a cosplay - Don't do sexy cosplays if you can't handle extra attention.

(NWCG) Finally, on behalf of Northwest Comics & Games we thank you for your time. People are who are reading this how can they get ahold of you they have more questions?

(VGC)  You're welcome. It was a good interview. I will write detailed cosplay-related articles for both cosplayers & fans when I have some time, & I'll post them on my upcoming website. In the meantime, people can reach me either on Twitter, FB or IG. - twitter. com/videogamcosplay - -

(NWCG) Thank you once again for your time!

Thank you for reading this awesome interview and I hope to do more down the road with amazing people.  Have a great day everyone!