Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Comic Book Pass Look! For 05/31/2017

Welcome Comic Book Fans,

Before new comics arrive tomorrow let's one last look at what came out for 05/31/2017 this is Comic Book Pass Look!

Wonder Woman Annual #1 $4.99 DC Comics
The world of the Amazing Amazon expands in a collection of short stories that take Wonder Woman around the globe! In the days after 'Year One,' Diana comes face-to-face with Superman and Batman for the first time, as illustrated by 'Year One' artist Nicola Scott? and years later, Liam Sharp brings you the story of how their friendship has evolved!

Paklis #1 $5.99 Image Comics
Do you accept the life you've been handed, or do you step into the unknown, even as it leads you into the shadows? In this new anthology series from writer/artist DUSTIN WEAVER, the characters in three mind-bending stories find themselves faced with this question. In 'MUSHROOM BODIES,' Greg struggles with knowing what's real and fears becoming complacent in a world of human insects.

Cable #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
WALK SOFTLY...AND CARRY A BIG GUN! CABLE sees the mighty mutant return on a brand-new mission? with all of time in the balance! When Cable picks up the trail of a threat in the time stream, he sets off on a high-speed, history-spanning chase to save reality as we know it. From prehistory to modern day, whether it's a six-gun duel at high noon or a high-tech sword fight in an ancient land, Cable is the only man who can keep history from unraveling!

Secret Empire #3 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Under constant attack from wave after wave of invading Chitauri aliens, Captain Marvel and the deep space task force under her command is waging a war of attrition - one they may not be able to survive! And back on Earth, things aren't looking too rosy for Hawkeye and his band of renegade heroes, either! But don't worry -THE SECRET EMPIRE WILL AVENGE YOU!