Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekend Headlines - Nintendo Switch

We’ve heard plenty of talk of Nintendo Switch production doubling following its successful launch, but so far, we haven’t seen much evidence of that on store shelves. The Nintendo Switch has been very hard to find for the past month, but that may be starting to change – GameStop got new shipments on Friday (which have already sold out) and Toys R Us have announced they’ll be getting a big resupply this Sunday.

The kiddie retailer will have Switches to sell at stores across North America on April 9, although, of course, stock will be limited, so you may want to stake out a place in line!
Toys R Us provided BGR with the following statement:

“Toys R Us is bringing Nintendo Switch back to store shelves this weekend. On Sunday, April 9, all locations nationwide will have new inventory of the console. Quantities will be limited and since we know they sell quickly, customers should get to their local store before the doors open at 10am on Sunday.”

As a nice bonus, Toys R Us won’t force you to buy expensive bundles full of accessories you may not want like GameStop. Just don’t trample any toddlers when they finally open the doors in the morning.

And what if you miss out on Toys R Us? When can you expect another opportunity to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch? Well, word is Amazon will be getting another shipment on Wednesday, April 12. Aside from that, just keep your eye on store shelves. Restocks seem to be ramping up, so you never know when and where the Nintendo’s new system may randomly pop up.