Sunday, April 30, 2017

Talk'in Comics - The Longbox in Hillsboro, Oregon

If you live west of the Portland metro area you've kinda notice there isn't a lot of comic book stores. Well you have Things From Another World in Beaverton which is a great store in its own right. Yet the buzz around town was there was another complex store arriving in Hillsboro. Once I got word of this store called The Longbox.  I just had to check them out, funny part was there just five minutes away from our office so I took a quick drive to see them.

I personally have high hopes for this new store, I want them to grow and have a successful business it's things are still fairly new for the store but I want to do my part by helping them out so today I went out and visited The Longbox in Hillsboro Oregon. Located at 7598 NE SHALEEN St. at the corner of Baseline and Cornelius Pass Road this little store is unique in its own way.

Let's meet the staff at The Longbox!

Charlie co-owner
Charlie has been collecting since the late eighties, a fan of Batman, and Marvel comics. He got into the business by going to the swap meets in Vancouver BC saying up a small table selling unwanted toys. He then later start to switch to comic books which is Father introduced into. Charlie then started have a passion for comic books after being an assistant manager at other comic books stores Charlie thought he would bring his talents to Hillsboro. Charlie loves reading horror comic books, jungle comic books, one of his big things that he enjoyed is Indie titles. Charlie is a fantastic guy. You could sit down and talk comic's all day and I can see his passion for the business.

Mark co-work owner
Mark Co-work owner of The Longbox. Mark is a very cool laid-back co-owner he love comics and enjoys interacting with all the customers that come through the door. Mark a big fan of Captain America, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Superman and Spawn just to name a few titles. Mark grew up reading Spider-Man, Superman, Batman titles. He start collecting the early nineties, he loves magic and he loves doing promotions for the store. If you need something from The Longbox then Mark is going to be your person to go to for all your comic needs.

Laura co-owner
Laura is by far an absolute joy to have an comic book store. Don't be fooled everybody this girl knows her stuff from comics to games. Laura's a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy and Punisher. When you visit The Longbox you can usually catch Laura working with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Magic the Gathering cards and any other card games. She's kind the card specialist at The Longbox. Her father was in the Star Wars, Back to the Future and Star Trek novels. From there everything Sci-fi just grew with her growing up. Laura who loves everything that is geek and by far has a grear outgoing personality she'll greet you with a smile and absolutely do her best to make she have a great time at the store.

So how is The Longbox different from other stores? Well the simple answer is they have back issues in their store. If you been a complex store some stores have ended their carry on a back issues. Some other stores are way too far away but at the long box they Pride themselves on having back issues for comic book fans to come see what they have and add missing numbers to their already awesome collections.

As a comic book fan I'm very sold that the idea who come bookstore is the amount of back issues that you have it's what makes the store unique in its own way. The Longbox has a range of different things from Yu-Gi-Oh cards to Magic the Gathering to tabletop games to video games to all the newest and latest comic books arriving each and every Wednesday.

I love the idea of seeing a range of comic books and different variant issues on the walls, he kind of reminds you of my childhood wanted to my old local carpet store Corvallis and see all the pots on the walls and just being amazed by the different artist back then. The Longbox is the store worth going to and checking out it's very clean store, the staff is nice and we here at Northwest Comics & Games want to wish them the very best of luck in this business!

Events at The Longbox:
If you choose to visit them this week! May 4th is Star Wars day and they will be doing something but they will announce something soon on Facebook.  This coming Saturday May 6th on Free Comic Book Day, The Longbox will have free comics! Yes, free comics!!!  Plus a cosplay contest for whomever likes to dress up and raffles all day for comic books fans!

Store hours:
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday - 11am – 5pm

7598 NE Shaleen St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124