Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday's Headlines - Ewan McGregor On If He'd Return To Play Obi-Wan?

Few characters have had as big of an impact in the Star Wars Universe as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Like R2-D2 and C-3PO he has appeared in every main Saga installment, whether it be as a ghost or even simply a voice.

The character even appeared in the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels to put an end to his long-
running feud with Darth Maul, giving him appearances in both canon cartoon series (including the Clone Wars).

And if rumors are to be believed, we might expect to see the character return to the cinematic spotlight as the star of a spinoff film, a la Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Han Solo film. But what about the actor who brought him to life for the three prequel films?

Ewan McGregor has been making the rounds with press lately in promotion of two films, Beauty and the Beast (in which he plays anthropomorphic candlestick Lumiere) and Trainspotting 2 (in which he reprises his role as heroin-addicted Renton from the first film), and a lot of people are asking him about the possibility of returning to A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

“Listen, I have been asked about it a lot, to the point where it looks a bit like I'm sort of touting for work,” McGregor told Business Insider. “I’ve been very open to say I'd be happy to do it, if they want to do it.”

He danced around the idea of a spinoff film focusing on his portrayal of the character, saying “I think they are set going into the 2030s with their movies, but it would be fun to do, of course I'd be happy to do it.”

It’s not quite the same response Frank Oz used when he revealed he was asked not to talk about Yoda by Lucasfilm, which itself ignited speculation that the director and puppeteer was indeed returning to voice the Jedi Master.

So either Lucasfilm has yet to approach McGregor, or he’s really good at playing the game.
With the House That Star Wars Built having been bought by Disney, it’s likely that Star Wars will continue in some fashion well into the future until the well is tapped, which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

But McGregor hopes that if they do call him to don the ole’ robes once again, it’s sooner than later. He doesn’t want to be “older than Alec Guinness was” when he portrayed Kenobi in the first Star Wars film.