Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Comic Book Pass Look for 03/01/2017

Hello Comic Book Fans,

Tomorrow new books arrive so we thought we take one last look at what came out for 03/01/2017 this is Comic Book Pass Look!

Batman #18 $2.99 DC Comics
'I AM BANE' part three! Bane broke the bat before, but it wasn't enough-now he's going to break everyone else! Bane is coming, and no one is safe!

James Bond #1 $3.99 Dynamite Entertainment
Black Box Part One - Whiteout The next epic adventure for 007 kicks off in the snowbound French Alps, where Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of an assassin who targets other assassins. This is the first puzzle piece in a larger adrenaline-fueled mystery that will send Bond across the globe to investigate a digital breach that threatens global security.

Star Wars #29 $3.99 Marvel Comics
A problem, Yoda has. A big problem. Strong with the stonepower, this problem is. But judge it not by its size, will he.

Walking Dead #165 $2.99 Image Comics
'OPPORTUNITY'-When Alexandria is at its weakest... they strike.

Nightwing #16 $2.99 DC Comics
Hate is coming to Bl?dhaven, and it will tear Nightwing's world apart! Try and keep up as Dick Grayson spans the globe to piece together clues and uncover the mystery of who wants Nightwing dead!