Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown 02/22/2017

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown! We hope you'll like this week's picks and please remember to contact your local comic book store to see if they carry any titles you see below. Enjoy!

10. Aliens Vs Predator Life And Death #3 $3.99 Dark Horse Comics
The Alien hordes descend in a desperate attempt to repossess their fetus queen from the escaping Colonial Marines. Even with the help of the Predator clan, survival for the humans doesn't look likely. The birth of the queen means death to the squad!

9. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #51 $3.99 IDW Publishing
Twilight is startled to find that the most important history books in Equestria are going missing. Will she and her friends be able to uncover the identity of the mysterious new villain responsible?

8. Drifter #17 $3.99 Image Comics
Pollux has been searching for the truth ever since he arrived on Ouro. But now the truth finds him, and sometimes that's the worst thing that can happen to you.

7. Amazing Spider-man #24 $3.99 Marvel Comics
A CLONE CONSPIRACY TIE-IN! Spider-Man has been through hell? The Jackal has taken his best shot, but Spider-Man doesn't need to face him alone. Discover who is joining Spider-Man in his battle!

6. Teen Titans #5 $2.99 DC Comics
'Damian Knows Best' finale! The final showdown between the Teen Titans and the Demon's Fist is here! Will the Teen Titans rally behind their little leader? And will Ra's al Ghul let anyone walk away alive?

5. Masked #4 $3.99 Titan Comics
Frank Braffort has been thrust into the limelight, literally and figuratively, as all eyes in Paritropolis are fixed on the epic fight taking place over the Seine. With his sister's life threatened, Frank has no choice but to fully embrace his new identity!

4. Elektra #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
CASINO BATTLE ROYALE! Running from her tumultuous past, ELEKTRA attempts to lose herself in a vibrant sea of neon, noise and anonymity: LAS VEGAS. But how long can a former ninja assassin really hope to escape the vortex of violence that encompasses her life?especially when there's a new player in Sin City that has her in his sights for his newest game? Enter: Arcade.

3. Batgirl #8 $2.99 DC Comics
'Son of Penguin' part two! It's hard enough to juggle a new boyfriend when you're not secretly investigating him for super-villainy! But is Batgirl dating Ethan Cobblepot to get to bottom of his new tech business? or could she actually like him? Plus, Magpie strikes! 

2. Pink Panther Snow Day #1 $3.99 American Mythology Productions
It's a blizzard outside! But this isn't a whiteout; it's a 'pinkout!' We're home from school today and scaring up some winter fun with everyone's favorite Pink Panther. How much trouble can your favorite cool cat get into on a snowy day? Whether it's dumping The Little Man in a frozen lake or confounding The Inspector, the Pink Panther has new hijinks that will make you laugh out loud!

1. Justice League Of America #1 $2.99 DC Comics
Meet the Extremists-self-proclaimed saviors from another Earth, they thirst for peace, prosperity and total submission to the will of their leader, Lord Havok! How can the newly assembled JLA stop this group of misguided maniacs before the Extremists unleash their own unique-not to mention dangerous!-brand of law and order on our chaotic world?