Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday's Feed - X-Men Comic Book News

This April, Marvel kicks off "ResurrXion," a relaunch of its X-Men and Inhumans lines designed to bring the franchises back to basics. Leading the X-Men line is X-Men Gold, a title with a more superhero-focused mission for the mutant team, from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Ardian Syaf.

For their first post-"ResurrXion" adventure, the X-Men will square off with a brand new iteration of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - the X-Men's classic rivals. spoke with Guggenheim ahead of the release of X-Men Gold #1 on April 4, learning the identities of the X-Men and the new Brotherhood, and Kitty Pryde's audacious plan to bring the X-Men back to the center of the Marvel Universe.

Marc Guggenheim says "I’m always a fan of line-ups (and this is not just true of the X-Men, but all teams) where everyone has a different skillset, a different powerset. You don’t want a bunch of flyers on the team, for example. You don’t want a bunch of bruisers on the team. I like mixing things up.
Starting with Kitty, she’s my favorite X-Man, so I knew I wanted her. But what she brings to the table is something new to her role – she’s actually bringing tactics and strategy. She’s obviously still got her powers, but in this new role I’ve cast her in, she’s the leader. She’s out there calling the plays. So what she brings is her tactical ability.

Wolverine is super useful in the sneak-and-creep-and-occasionally-stab-people capacity. Nightcrawler – the fact that he can teleport is a big help to the team. That’s a unique power that you’ll see come into play in a lot of the action sequences in the book.

Storm, obviously, is one of the most powerful X-Men, especially when her abilities are employed to their full effect, and it also really helps to have a flyer on the team. Colossus is a blunt instrument. Most teams have at least one bruiser, and Colossus is the X-Men’s.

And then finally you’ve got Prestige, which is Rachel Grey’s new identity. It’s really useful to have a telepath. And one of the more fun things about writing Rae is figuring out new and different ways for her to use her powers offensively, so it’s not just her firing psi-blasts at people, but really getting into the applications of telepathy and the ability to read people’s thoughts. There’s a lot of fun to be had with that.

In short, everyone’s got a different power and a different role on the team from a tactical perspective. That said, I’m taking opportunities wherever I can to introduce other X-Men. There are so many fan favorites to choose from. Over the course of the first few arcs, I hope to give everyone at least a taste of their favorites, using the core-group as the tip of the spear, but bringing in other X-Men with other powers when the story calls for it."