Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback In Comics - X-Men #1 (1991)

X-Men #1 (October 1991)
While it may have arrived in the summer of 1991, “X-Men” #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee is unquestionably when the ’90s era really started for the X-Men. After years spent scattered across the planet, with various temporary iterations of the team popping up in different configurations, all the X-Men — all of them — finally came home to a rebuilt X-Mansion in this issue. Not only that, but this issue also saw the debut of Jim Lee’s iconic X-Men designs. For many generations of fans, when you think of the X-Men, this is what they look like.

The issue itself is also a blast, a jolt of everything great about ’90s X-Men. The team practices in an elaborate Danger Room scenario before rushing off to fight Magneto in a battle that spans international locations. The issue even ends with a gallery of artwork by Lee, including the obligatory swimsuit special double-page spread. This one’s an essential ’90s issue.