Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback In Comics - UNCANNY X-MEN #340 (1997)

UNCANNY X-MEN #340 (1997)
In-between the sprawling epics, Lobdell was known for doing character-focused “quiet” issues, ones lacking action. While “Relativity” is a comparatively quiet issue, it’s still action-packed — only with this one, all the action is internal. “Uncanny” #340 is centered around fathers, with the beating of Iceman’s father serving as the issue’s main storyline. The X-Men placed Iceman and Cannonball undercover in the bigoted politician Graydon Creed’s campaign, but things took an unexpected turn when Iceman’s dad had a dramatic change of heart and started speaking out on behalf of mutant rights. Creed discovered his relation to Bobby Drake and had him beaten.

The issue then focuses on other father/son pairings, with a still undercover Cannonball talking about his father’s sacrifices to Graydon Creed (who is himself the son of Sabretooth, a fact Cannonball alludes to much to Creed’s anger). The issue even has a poignant scene between Iceman’s dad and Gambit, of all people, with Madureira making every dramatic gesture pop.