Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Feed - Talkin Comic Books

Good morning,

Welcome comic book fans, this is talking comics and today we'll be talking about a few things that are on my mind. First I want to talk about where are comic book business is going. I recently saw a post on Facebook and it stated that the reason that most comic book stores fail is because people don't pick up their subscriptions each month which leaves a comic store in the red about $1,500. And it's what sets the stores device failure in the long run if customers don't pick up their subscriptions to the comic books that they place.

I guess in some sense it's kind of why Northwest comics and games hasn't opened a traditional store yet very hesitant on doing so because I want new books to come to the store but if I order all these contacts and no one picks them up that hurts business. So what is the easy fix to make pick up easier for people come in grab their comics and enjoy them.

Many thoughts travel through my head and it's hard to say you know we know that online Market is the easy and cheapest way to get stuff yet you still have to pay for shipping yet some shipping is free. Personally I like the online market I think it's a lot easier. When you're searching for back issues of comic books you get it at a better price than may be looking at a store some complex stores are getting rid of back issues which causes issues with people and come in searching for missing comic books in their collections if you don't have an accomplice or they're going to go to online and that's the way the business has been transitioning.

I find it very interesting that comic book stores the newer ones are average and they sell newer merchandise they're not really focusing on back issues because that's not where the money is being made. Yet some of the stores that I see across Oregon here still rely on some of the back issues to help bring money in to help support their business because then if no one's picking up the new or books they fall back on the back issues for people to help fill in their titles.

Digital comics yeah they're okay but they still don't really do it for me person as a fan I love the whole the comic books I love to read and I loved it collect them it's what makes comic books so fun for me to collect. Plus you can't really resell digital comic books I think that's why you no comic book stores tend to focus on newer products. As I've stated here on this on this website that I have not a fan of digital comics anyway I think it's been a joke I think it's been a waste but if we were leaning towards tablets and phones I'm going that way then it's good for some people but yet I think they're still physically holding a comic book is the best way to get kids into reading.

Personally, I still wanna open a store I still want to have relations with customers coming in timeout Comics what's new focusing on back issues games toys exedra exedra....... I want to make sure that the customers happy I want people to come back and say hey you know what that was a really great store for me to visit for me and my family I want that experience to relate back that you know we're just not you know we're geeks and we know you're crazy stuff like The Big Bang Theory cast but we want to make it fun and make it entertaining this is why do this website this is why I do it cuz I love this business.

You know the biggest reason that I don't have this storefront open yet is because of the lack of funds and the lack of the inventory you know a lot of the comic books I sell on eBay on our online store it's for my own personal collection which I didn't do very much but I have to do and I have to do to make sure that my family survives and lives you know I think there is a potential market for a second store in this area where we live and I think that you know what the right mentality it can succeed.

Okay so my second thought of the day is that where is the success with comic books going for 2017? Let's look at it Marvel has done for 2016 going into 2017 launching with their comic books movies and TV shows on Netflix there's no doubt that Marvel is really leading the way to help this comic book industry.

On the other hand DC Comics with the rebirth relaunch has been the best successful relaunch since the new 52 a couple years ago. DC Comics drop the price from $3.99 to $2.99 in comic books and I still do it once a month they lost it twice a month for certain titles. This is help DC recapture the market which Marvel has dominated. Now does it make it harder for independent companies to do well such as Dark Horse, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Titan comics...... no I don't think so.... I think this lays the pathway to success for all these businesses the see.

Hey could I be wrong about this game it's my opinion yeah I could be but I'm not sure yet I think the way things are going right now for this month for January if you look at the title this the stuff that's coming out there to red-hot right now to be a collector to enjoy these comics from all the big companies.

Finally, I want to hear your thoughts about this?  You have a voice and your voice does matter. Email us at tell us what you think? I'm just talking comics and how do feel?  Thanks for reading!