Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Comic Book - Fast Look for 02/08/2017 (2 Weeks Out)

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Let's take a look quick look at what's coming out for 02/08/2017 (2 Weeks Out)!  Enjoy!

Supergirl #6 $2.99 DC Comics
'REIGN OF THE CYBORG SUPERMEN' finale! Argo City is on a collision course with Earth and the Girl of Steel is the only hero that can stop it! Cyborg Superman and Kara Zor-El clash in a cataclysmic final battle that leaves only one standing! 

Transformers Till All Are One #7 $3.99 IDW Publishing
As Windblade and her team fight their way through Elita-1's Titan, Carcer, they face opposition at every turn to stop them from awakening the sleeping giant... and they soon find out why! *Retailers: See your order form for incentive information.

Spawn #270 $2.99 Image Comics
Al comes face to face with the underbelly of the drug world as it touches the lives closest to him.

Sherlock Blind Banker #2 $4.99 Titan Comics
The second incredible manga adaptation of the hit television series starring worldwide superstars Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit)! Printed in English for the first time!