Friday, June 17, 2016

Top three things to know in comics

Good morning everybody,

Northwest Northwest Comics is On assignment on the road. We are talking the top three Comics that would you things you need to know today.

1. Scooby-Doo apocalypse from DC covers by Jim Lee it is a great series to read right now if you're fan of Scooby-Doo as I am this is a series that you'll want to read member of the four-part series you're going to like it it's something different for Scooby-Doo fans comic book fans you're going to like it the covers are great by Jim Lee. I recommend picking up the first issue a second and she's already out but this is something compact fans you want to read and enjoy I can't express how much you want to just take a read.

2. The second thing you need to know about Comics is Marvel's Civil War II. If you remember the first go-around it was really epic between Ironman and Captain America the end was shocking for those who have never read that series I'm going to courage fans to read what Marvel Walmart is doing with this new seven part series it looks like it won't be a boring like Secret Wars was last year I expect some big changes we've all been shocked by the first issue of the two major deaths who knows what the second issue is going to bring I have not read it yet I mean I will pick it up this week I encourage conflict fans to check it out read it for themselves let us know what you think.

3. Okay everyone I want to bring attention about the soft reboot of DC Comics from the relaunch of Action Comics Detective Comics Superman #1, Batman #1, Green Lantern #1, Titans #1, Wonder Woman #1, and and the cool thing about this reboot is the price from $3.99 to $2.99 some Comics going bi-weekly twice a month more reading more action.

I think DC is doing its a better deal for the complex and yes you're getting more comics twice a month for like $6 a month if you're getting one issue in the long run they're revamping their going back to the original number wise for Action Comics and Detective Comics they wanted to he's got to be the first Contact to reach #1000 in the numbering system.

This is a great time for any complex and new old to come jump aboard the grab to grab an issue and enjoy reading these characters that we all love I love them a lot of people love them some people are frustrated with the numbering but I'm the same way I hate how the hell Marvel just back and forth with numbering butt I like what they see is doing though going back to the original numbers making it fun making the price easy again for comic book fans.

I love when the numbers go higher in price I don't want to be and neither does people who are on income let the fans enjoy reading books let us enjoy these classic characters Batman Superman Aquaman Green Lantern Green Arrow Wonder Woman you know make us laugh make us have fun you know kudos to DC Comics for what they're doing and bringing back the comic book fan into the comic book.  I know it's not a big relaunch but it's a soft reboot and I hope the comic book fans out there enjoy what DC Comic brings in the next couple months.

This has been Josh from Northwest Comics & Games, thank you for reading I will be posting more stories on Facebook and Twitter this weekend check back with us later online go read some comic books and joy your weekend and thanks for reading.