Monday, May 16, 2016

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4: Book Of The Stranger Recap

The opening zooms in on King’s Landing, the Eyrie, Winterfell, the Wall, and Meereen.

Dolorous Edd picks up Longclaw. Jon tells Edd he’s heading south. Edd doesn’t understand how Jon can leave them now. They argue over Jon breaking his oath when the gate opens for Brienne, Podrick, and Sansa enter Castle Black. Sansa and Jon see each other in the courtyard. Jon walks to her and they embrace.

Later, Jon sits with Sansa as she eats and warms herself by the fire. They reminisce about their days in Winterfell, and Jon says they never should have left. Sansa says she regrets being such an ass to Jon as children, but Jon forgives her. Jon makes clear that wherever they go, they should go together. Sansa says the only place they can go is home and suggests taking Winterfell back from the Boltons, but Jon says he’s tired of fighting. Sansa tell him that if they don’t take back the North then they’ll never be safe, and that she’ll do it herself if she has to.

Davos asks if Melisandre plans to stay at Castle Black. She says she’ll do as Jon Snow commands, that he’s the Prince that was Promised. Davos remembers that being Stannis and demands to know what happened to Stannis’ forces. Brienne fills him in, tells him that his forces were defeated in the field and that she executed Stannis.

Robin practicing his archery when Petyr Baelish arrives. Yohn Royce wonders how Sansa Stark ended up married to Ramsay Bolton when Petyr was supposed to be taking her to the Fingers. They accuse each other of duplicity, but Petyr leaves it to Robin to decide. Robin seeks Petyr’s counsel and Petyr suggest giving Royce another chance. Petyr tells Robin that Sansa is fleeing towards the Wall and Robin suggests helping his cousin. Petyr orders the Vale’s forces mobilized.

Against the protests of Missandei and Grey Worm, Tyrion invites the leaders of the cities of Slaver’s Bay to Meereen for a diplomatic meeting. Tensions in the meeting are high, but Tyrion points out that you don’t need slaves to make money. He offers them seven years’ time to abolish the practice of slavery in return for them ceasing their support of the Sons of the Harpy. He ends the meeting by offering them women.

Tyrion enters the throne room to find an angry group of free men waiting for him. They want to know why he’s meeting with Meereen’s enemies. They want to know when Dany will return. They speak directly to Grey Worm and Missandei, offended at the idea of them making peace with the slavers, but they both back Tyrion’s play.

Later, Grey Worm and Missandei express their anger at Tyrion’s terms and tell him that they do not trust the masters to keep their word and that Tyrion will end up being played.

Daario and Jorah continue trekking through the Dothraki Sea. As the heat and exhaustion sets in, the two bicker about their relationships with Dany. They find Vaes Dothrak and Jorah says Dany will have been taken to the temple of the dosh khaleen. Jorah tells Daario that they must disarm before entering the sacred city. While disarming, Daario notices Jorah’s greyscale.

Jorah and Daario sneak through the city at night. Jorah triest to pose as a merchant and seek directions from two Dothraki, but they don’t buy it. Jorah and Daario are forced to fight them. Daario kills one before he can alert the city, then returns and saves Jorah from the other by stabbing him in the back with a hidden dagger. Daario then bashes in the body’s head so that no one notices the stab wound.

The high priestess explains the role of the dosh khaleen to Dany. Dany excuses herself to use the bathroom. One of the younger dosh khaleen goes with her. They talk until Daario and Jorah find them. Dany says they’ll ever escape, but she has a plan. The other Dosh Khaleen agrees to help.

A septa brings Margaery to the High Sparrow. He asks her where she would go if she were set free. She says she would go to her brother, husband, and family, but he sees that as running to power and wealth. He tells her about his past as the son of a cobbler. He would make shoes for the wealthy and gain some wealth for himself. He then had a change of heart after a particularly rowdy feast. The next morning opened his eyes to the lies and stories he was telling to convince himself of his own lies and keep his station. He walked out the door to find the poor and never went back, not even bothering to put his shoes on. He then offers to take Margaery to see her brother. She finds Loras lying still on the ground of his cell. She stirs when she comes inside, then begins weeping. She tells him to stay strong. He asks her to help make it stop, but Margaery realizes that the High Sparrow wants her to help tear him down.

Cersei walks in on Grand Masester Pycelle advising King Tommen on the problem with the High Sparrow. Pycelle is dismissed. Tommen says he doesn’t want to risk antagonizing the High Sparrow while they have Margaery. Cersei snaps a bit. Tommen notes that Cersei doesn’t like Margaery, but Cesei says that doesn’t matter. Tommen tells his mother about something that he discussed with the High Sparrow.

Cersei and Jaime inform the Small Council that their meeting is cancelled and informs them that the King has been meeting with the High Sparrow and that the Queen will be forced to make a Walk of Atonement before Cersei has her trial. Tommen ordered Kevan Lannister not to move against the Faith, so Jaime suggest the Tyrell army do it instead, while the Lannister and the Red Cloaks just stand aside.

Theon returns to Pyke. He finds Yara, who is surprised to see him. He tells her he escaped. She’s angry that good men died trying to rescue him and that he betrayed her. Yara wonder if Theon came because he thought he had a shot at being king, but he says he didn’t know Balon died until he docked. He wants to help Yara take the throne.

Osha is brought to Ramsay. Osha is unimpressed by the flayed men on the Bolton banner. Osha claims no loyalty to House Stark, but Ramsay doesn’t see what use he has for her. She comes onto him while reaching for the knife on the table. She lunges for it, but Ramsay stabs her in the neck with a  knife he had on his person.

A Bolton bannerman rides to Castle Black. Jon, Sansa and their allies are eating when a man delivers Jon a letter with a Bolton seal. The letter mocks Jon for letting Wildlings through the Wall and tells him that he has control of Winterfell and Rickon in the dungeon. He tells Jon to return Sansa or he’ll ride to the Wall and kill everyone. He stops short, but Sansa finishes the letter, which threatens to let Jon watch as his soldiers take turns raping Sansa and the dogs devour Rickon. Sansa tells Jon the Ramsay claimed he had 5000 men. Tormund says he has 2000. Sansa tell Jon that he can rally the loyal Northern houses to his cause.
Khal Moro and the other Khals sit in conference and call for Dany to brought inside. Moro says she
belongs witht eh Dosh Khaleen, but one another Khal says the Wise Masters of Yunkai are offering hroses for her. Dany asks if they want to know what she wants and recalls the last time she was in Daes Vothrak. She recalls Khal Drogo’s promises and accuses the Khals of being small men in comparison. Moro threatens Dany, but she is uimpressed. She knocks over the barziers in the temple and sets it on fire. She watches as the Khals panic as the walls burn. They try to open the doors, but Jorah and Daario have barred them. The doors collapse and Dany walks out of the fire. The crowd of Dothraki onlookers kneel before her. Jorah and Daario do the same.