Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday's Feed - Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3: Oathbreaker Recap

The opening hovers over King’s Landing, Pyke, Winterfell, The Wall, and Meereen.
Davos stares at Jon as he lifts himself up. Jon examines the stab wounds on his body. He begins to shiver and stumbles off the table into a cloak Davos was holding. Melisandre walks in and finds them. Jon remembers the stabbing and doesn’t understand why he’s here. Davos tells him Melisandre brought him back. She asks where he went after he died and what he saw. Jon says he saw nothing. Davos asks Melisandre to give them a moment. Jon tells Davos that he did what he thought was right, but he got murdered for it. He wants to know why he’s back, but Davos says it doesn’t matter, he just needs to move on.

Jon walks out to the courtyard of Castle Black. The Night’s Watch and Wildlings stare at him. Tormund tells him the others think he’s a god, the man who returned from the dead, and then embraces him. Jon walks to Edd and embraces him. Edd asks if it’s still Jon in that body. Jon says he thinks so, and tells him to hold off on burning his body.

Gilly looks out of the window of the ship that she and Sam are travelling on. Sam is seasick. Gilly asks if Sam is going to be sick. He answers by vomiting into a bucket. Gilly says they’ll be in Oldtown soon. Sam explains that the Citadel doesn’t have women and won’t welcome Gilly and the baby. Sam says he’s taking Gilly and the bay to Horn Hill, his home, where his parents will take care of them. Gilly isn’t happy about it. They’re pretending that little Sam is Sam’s son.

Ned Stark’s men ride up to the Tower of Joy. The Kingsguard await and prepare, as Bran and the Three-eyed crow watch on in a vision. Bran recognizes his father and Ser Arthur Dayne in the Kingsguard, and the Raven points out Howland Reed, Meera’s father, beside Ned. Ned wonders why the Kingsguard wasn’t there to protect Rhaegar, and they say Rhaegar wanted them at the Tower. Ned asks where his sister is. The Kingsguard arm for battle and Ned’s men draw their swords. A battle breaks out. Neds men surround Arthur Dayne, who holds them off with two swords until only Ned remains. Ned and Dayne fight.

Arthur has Ned beat, but Howland Reed stabs Arthur in the back. Ned finishes Dayne off. Ned hears screaming from inside the Tower. Bran wants to know what’s in the Tower, but the Raven says it’s time to go. Bran tries to follow Ned, but the Raven pulls him out.

Bran is angry, convinced that his father heard his voice and determined to find out what was in the tower. The Raven says Bran won’t be there forever, but he must learn everything before he leaves.
Dany arrives with Khal Moro’s Khalasar at Vaes Dothrak. Dany is brought to see the dosh khaleen. She’s stripped of her clothes and given the plain clothing of the khaleen. They want to know why she didn’t come to Vaes Dothrak after Drogo died. She went out into the world, which is forbidden, and now they must decide what to do with her.

Varys fans himself in the Great Pyramid. The prostitute who helped the harpies kill the Unsullied is brought to him. Varys knows her name is Valen. He wants answers from her, but wants to do it by making her happy. She she’s the Unsullied and the Second Sons and Dany as foreign invaders destroying their culture. Varys rings up Valen’s son. He promises the boy is in no immediate danger, but reminds her of the penalty for conspiring to kill the queen’s soldiers. She worries that the Harpies will kill her if Varys doesn’t. Varys offers her a place on a ship to Pentos and a bag of silver.

Tyrion sits with Missandei and Grey Worm in silence. He tries to break the ice, and asks what they would like to talk about. Grey Worm says they’d be talking about patrol. Tyrion says that’s a report, not a conversation. Tyrion suggests playing a game, but Grey Worm and Missandei don’t have fond memories of “games.” Varys finally arrives and informs them that the other slave master of Slaver’s Bay are funding the Sons of the Harpy.

Qyburn speaks with Varys’s little birds in King’s Landing. He’s gives them gifts and offers them help in exchange for information. He’s joined by Ser Gregor, Jaime, and Cersei. Cersei plans on using Gregor in trial by combat against the faith. She orders Qyburn to get eyes and ears in all the important paces in Westeros.

Cersei, Jaime, and Gregor interrupt a meeting of the Small Council, which includes the Queen of Thorns, Kevan Lannister, and Maester Pycelle. Jaime takes his place as a member of the Small Council on the ground that he’s commander of the Kingsguard. The Small Council adjourns rather than be bullied.

King Tommen pays a visit to the High Sparrow. He requests Cersei be allowed to see Myrcella’s resting place, but the Sparrow refuses. The High Sparrow tells Tommen that man first felt the love of the mother through their mothers. Sparrow says that’s one feeling he never had, and admits jealousy. The Sparrow lectures Tommen on taking wise counsel, especially from the gods.

The waif and Arya train in the house of Black and White. They spar and play the game of lies. The waif asks about Arya’s family and the Hound and Arya’s list. Jhaqen offers Arya her eyes back and gives her a drink from the House of Black and White’s pool. She drinks and her eyes are restored.

Representatives of House Umber ride to Winterfell. The Smalljon says his father has died, and he’s come seeking a mutual agreement against Jon Snow and the Wildlings. Umber refuses to bend the knee or swear an oath, but offers a gift. He brings in Osha and Rickon Stark. The head of Shaggydog is brought in as proof of Rickon’s identity.

Edd tells Jon that its time. He takes his sword and walks outside. Alliser Thorne, Ollie, and the other mutineers are standing on a gallows. Thorne is unapologetic about his decision. Ollie only looks at Jon with scorn. Jon cuts the rope and the traitors hang. Edd suggests burning the bodies. Jon says Edd should do it, and hands over his cloak, turning over control of Castle Black. He says his watch has ended and walks out.