Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday's Feed - Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2: Home Recap

The opening goes to King’s Landing, Pyke, Winterfell, the Wall, Braavos, and Meereen.

Bran lies in te lair of the Three-Eyed Raven. They are both blank eyed, clutching his tree, as birds squabble. They appear at Winterfell in the past, watching Ned Stark as a child jousting with his brother, Benjen. Lyanna Stark rides in on a horse and circles them. Bran remembers Lyanna’s statue in the crypt at Winterfell and how his family never talked about her. They want Benjen to train with the stable boy, Willis, who Bran recognizes as a young Hodor, but Old Nan pulls Willis away. The Three-Eyed Crow pulls Bran out of the vision, before Bran becomes too comfortable in the vision. Bran calls Hodor Willis and tells him about what he saw, but Hodor only responds with the usual “Hodor.” Bran asks where Meera is.

Hodor carries Bran outside the cave. Meera is sitting in the snow. He tries to tell her what he saw about Hodor, but Meera has grown frustrated sitting at the cave. Hodor carries Bran back inside. The Child of the Forest tells Meera that Bran needs him, especially once they leave the cave.

At Castle Black, Alliser Thorne tells Davos that it’s time. He says they will send Ghost north of the wall. Davos and the men inside his room pull their swords. Throne orders the door broken down. Just as the door crumbles, the gates of Castle Black are torn down by Wun Wun and the wildlings pour inside. Tormund kils a couple men, giving the rest pause. A man shoots an arrow into Wun Wun, and Wun Wun splatters the man against a wall. The Night’s Watch throws down its arms. Thorne accuses Edd of being a traitor, but Edd turns the insult around. Tormund and Edd send the mutineers to the dungeons. Edd brings Tormund to look on Jon’s corpse. Tormund goes to gather wood for a funeral pyre.

In King’s Landing, a man is telling an exaggerated account of Cersei’s walk of shame. The man goes into an ally to relieve himself. Ser Robert Strong walks up behind the man and smashes the man’s skull against the alley wall.

Strong enters Cersei’s chamber and escorts her downstairs. Guards stop her, saying the king has ordered her to stay in the Red Keep. Cersei is determined to go to Myrcella’s funeral. She asks to speak to Tommen, but he’s already left.

Jaime and Tommen look on Myrcella’s body in the Sept. Tommen suspects Cersei killed Trystane. Tommen says the High Sparrow wouldn’t allow Cersei in the Sept. Tommen is regretting his past inaction when Cersei and Margaery were taken. Jaime tells Tommen to ask for his mother’s forgiveness. The High Sparrow enters. Tommen asks to see Margaery, but the High Sparrow denies him. Jaime sends Tommen to see Cersei. The High Sparrow tells Jaime that they use the eye stones to remind them not to fear death. Jaime wonders why the High Sparrow hasn’t forced Jaime to atone for his own sins. Jaime makes clear that he wouldn’t hesitate to spill blood in the Sept. The High Sparrow welcomes it, but group of Sparrows surround the room. The High Sparrow speaks to the strength of the many poor over the wealthy and elite few.

Tommen finds Cersei. She asks what color gown Myrcella is in. Tommen apologizes for keeping her in the Red Keep. He says he didn’t want to lose her again. Tommen regrets not coming for her Cersei in force when she was captured and asks for Cersei’s help to be strong. She replies, “Always,” and hugs her.

Tyrion, Grey worm, Varys, and Missandei meet in the Great Pyramid. No new information on the burned fleet have been found. All of Slaver’s Bay, minus Meereen, have returned to form under the control of the Masters. The dragons haven’t eaten since Dany left. Tyrion says the dragons must be set free or they’ll waste away. Tyrion asks Missandei if she was ever harmed by the dragons. She says no. Tyrion says dragons are intelligent, they no friend from enemy, and he needs to show them that he is their friend.

Tyrion walks down the steps into the chamber where the dragons are kept beneath the Great Pyramid. Varys waits at the top of the steps. The dragons look out on him from the shadows. Tyrion speaks to the dragons, telling them of how sad he was to hear that the last dragon had died all those years ago. He frees Rhaegal from his chains and then Viserion as well. He walks back up the steps as Varys looks on with astonishment. He tells Varys that next time he has an idea like that Varys should punch him in the face.

In Braavos, the Waif again finds Arya begging in the street. Arya is a bit more prepared this time, but the beats her and disappears. Arya flails wildly until Jaqen find her. He asks for her name three times and Arya responds three times “I have no name.” Jaqen tells her to follow him.

Lord Karstark reports Roose and Ramsay Bolton telling him they lost Sansa. They suspect Sansa is headed to the Wall. Ramsay suggests storming Castle Black to kill Jon Snow. Roose warns that this would unite the North against them. The maester enters and reporters that Roose has a healthy newborn son. Ramsay hugs his father then stabs him in the gut. Ramsay tells the maester to inform the houses of his father’s death and to send him Lady Walda and the baby.

Walda walks through the Winterfell courtyard and find Ramsay. Ramsay asks to hold the baby. Walda hands him over. Walda takes the baby back, saying Lord Bolton sent for them and asking if Ramsay has seen him. Ramsay walks her to the kennels. Ramsay opens the kennel doors and tells Walda that he is Lord Bolton. Walda pleads to leave. Ramsay whistles for the dogs and they attack Walda and the baby.

Theon carries wood through the snow. Brienne tells Sansa about her run in with Arya and the Hound. She then asks Sansa about what happened at Winterfell. Sansa says she should have gone with Brienne when she had the chance. The sound of horses startles Theon. Theon tells Sansa they shouldn’t be lighting fires. Sansa counsels that they’ll be fine once they reach Castle Black. Theon says he can’t come with them, that he has too much to make up for. He asks for a horse and says he plans to go home.

Yara informs Balon Greyjoy of their failed invasion of the North. She is disillusioned with the attempt to take the North. They argue over having tried to rescue Theon. Yara reminds Balon that they tried to take the North while the Northerners were gone to war, but they’re back now. She reminds him of how the last Greyjoy rebellion ended, but he remains stubborn and leaves.

Balon tries to cross a bridge, but he’s stopped by his brother, Euron. Euron wants Balon to step aside and let another rule. Balon recalls having heard that Euron lost his mind during a storm. Balon claims to be the drowned god, to be the storm. Balon cuts Euron’s face, and Euron throws Balon over the side of the bridge.

Yara attends Balon’s funeral, where he is returned to the sea. Yara vows to find out how did this and make them pay. She swear sit by the Salt Throne, btu the Damphair says the Throne is not hers unless she is chosen by the Kingsmoot, despite her father’s wishes.

Melisandre sits in front of a fire at Castle Black. Davos enters her chamber. Davos asks if Melisandre knows of any magic that could help resurrect Jon Snow. She says there are some with this power. She recalls meeting Thoros, but says it shouldn’t be possible. She says it isn’t possible for her. Davos recalls seeing Melisandre drink poison and birth shadows, but Melisandre has lost her faith, saying the victory she saw in the shadows was a lie and that the Lord of Light never spoke to him. Davos says fuck all the gods, he’s not asking them for help, he’s asking her.

Melisandre cleans the blood from Jon’s body as his friends look on. The many stab wounds become clear as she finishes. She clips several locks of Jon’s head and facial hair and throws them in the fire. She pours water on his head. She then lays hands on his torso and speaks words of an incantation in a foreign language. She seems to struggle with the ritual, whispering “please” under her breath. She turns to Davos, looking defeated. Tormund leaves and the other follow. Davos looks on Jon for a long moment, then leaves just Ghost sleeping in the room with the body. After Davos leaves, Ghost stirs and Jon suddenly wakes, gasping for breath.