Friday, May 13, 2016

Headlines - Marvel's Agent Carter Cancelled At ABC

Yesterday, ABC has decided not to renew Marvel's Agent Carter for a third season.  The Hayley Atwell led series premiered in 2015 as a midseason series intended to bridge the gap between Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's fall and spring episodes. Agent Carter debuted to critical acclaim when it first debuted but struggled with finding an audience.  Many were surprised when ABC picked up Agent Carter for a second season, as the show's finale was only watched by a paltry 4 million viewers.

The second season, set in LA, fared even worse in the ratings, with less than 2.5 million viewers watching the final episode this spring.  Fans of Agent Carter knew a renewal was a long shot when Atwell signed onto the new ABC pilot Conviction, although the actress promised to make both series work if ABC picked up both shows.  Still, some hoped that the show's strong critical acclaim would push ABC into picking up the third season, especially as the series ended on an unresolved cliffhanger.

Note to Netflix...... Marvel series to pick-up......right?