Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown 04/13/2016

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy #NCBD (New Comic Book Day) Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown. If you new to this website, each week we pick out the top ten titles you might like to read and add to your awesome collection.  Let's jump right into it today. Enjoy!

10. Sonic The Hedgehog #280 $3.99 Archie Comics
In 'Keys to Victory': Sonic, Tails and Chip head to the Efrikan settlement of Mazuri to find the next set of Gaia Keys - but they'll have to go through the tough and menacing Axel, the Egg Boss of the Efrika Egg Army, to find them! While deep in the heart of the Gaia Temple, Chip finds something incredible, but you'll just have to wait and see what it is! Then, in 'A Special Occasion,' Sally and Rotor are one girl's only hope in a family emergency!

9. Batman Superman #31 $3.99 DC Comics
In part two of 'Super League,' Superman enlists Batman's aid in seeking out people that can help form his new super-league. A shocking discovery is made about a new super-being no one knew existed, and something is beginning to stalk Superman...

8. Hot Damn #1 $3.99 IDW Publishing
The masterminds of D4VE reunite with HOT DAMN, and they're taking you straight to Hell. Hard living catches up to Teddy, and eternal damnation awaits-but it's nothing like the good book tells you. Hell is a therapy session you can never leave?

7. Drifter #10 $3.99 Image Comics
NEW STORY ARC Abram Pollux returns to Ghost Town, determined to even the score. But the rules have changed. New alliances are drawn, old friends become new foes, and each step closer to the truth brings Pollux that much closer to hell.

6. All New X-Men #8$3.99 Marvel Comics
MUTANTS AND?MAGIC?! As young Beast continues to struggle with his new life in the present day Marvel Universe, he turns to another man of science for guidance-former surgeon and present day sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange! But seeing as Strange has put down his scalpel to pick up a spellbook, Beast might be receiving very different answers than he was hoping for?

5. Doctor Who 9th #1 $3.99 Titan Comics
The Ninth Doctor is BACK - and this time he's ONGOING! In Part 1 of 'DOCTORMANIA', the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack uncover a mysterious video. Tracking down its source could help Jack uncover why his mind was wiped - but the first step takes the Doctor to a planet where he is, inexplicably, a celebrity!

4. Moon Knight #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
THE BOOK YOU'D BE INSANE TO MISS! Marc Spector (a.k.a. Moon Knight/Jake Lockley/Steven Grant) has been fighting criminals and keeping New York City safe for years? or has he? When he wakes up in an insane asylum with no powers and a lifetime's worth of medical records, his whole identity (indentities) are called into question. Something is wrong, but is that something Marc Spector himself?

3. Spawn #262 $2.99 Image Comics
STORY: TODD McFARLANE ART: TODD McFARLANE & ERIK LARSEN COVER A: ERIK LARSEN COVER B: GERARDO SANDOVAL Al tries to save Wanda as Lucifer brings down all of his might on him, but Wanda knows there is a choice to be made. Will Al save her in time or will she have to sacrifice herself to save the life of another?

2. Darth Vader #19 $3.99 Marvel Comics
The SHU-TORUN WAR concludes! Will Vader bring the Ore Barons in line? Or will Cylo and his warriors show the Dark Lord how it's done?

1. Gwenpool #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
2015's overnight internet sensation takes center stage in her own ongoing series! Gwen Poole used to be a comic book reader just like you...until she woke up in a world where the characters she read about seemed to be real! But they can't be, right? This must all be fake, or a dream or something, right? And you know what that means...NO CONSEQUENCES! Could Gwenpool truly be Marvel's least responsible and least role-modely character to date? She can if she tries!