Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday's Feed - Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premiere: The Red Woman Recap

The opening focuses in on King’s Landing, Winterfell, the Wall, Braavos, Meereen, and Dorne.
At Castle Black, we zoom in on Jon Snow’s corpse. Ghost howls and chews at his door. Davos hears and walks outside to investigate. He finds Jon in the snow. Dolorous Edd and others of the Night’s Watch pour outside and find him as well. Davos has them carry him inside. They lay him on a table and examine his wounds. Edd knows that Thorne must be responsible. Davos asks how many of the Night’s Watch they can trust. Edd says only those in this room. Melisandre comes to the door, looking for Davos, and walks inside to find Jon’s body. She says she saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.

Watch was built on, that he never disobeyed an order, and that by allowing the wildlings inside Jon was destroying the Night’s Watch.

Edd wants to go looking for revenge, but Davos cautions them against picking a fight they can’t win. Edd is prepared to die today, as long as Thorne goes down with them. Davos suggests they can fight and live if they seek the aid of the Wildlings.

At Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton mourns the loss of Myranda over her corpse and vows revenge. When asks if Ramsay wants Myranda buried or burned, he orders her fed to the hounds.

Ramsay’s father congratulates Ramsay on defeating Stannis, but it’s clear he’s angry that Ramsay lost Sansa, and Theon, and squandered their opportunity to unify the North. Ramsay says he’s sent his best me and dogs after them. His father reminds Ramsay that they need an heir.

Sansa and Theon run through the snowy woods outside of Winterfell. They can hear Ramsay’s dogs following. They come to a river they need to cross, but the water is freezing. Sansa is reluctant, but Theon convinces her it’s the only way. They wade through the water. On the other side, they take shelter under a fallen tree. Theon hugs Sansa and tries to warm here. They hear the dogs coming close. Theon says he will draw their attention and tells Sansa to head north and find Jon at the Wall. Theon faces the Bolton men. He lies and tells them that Sansa is dead, but they don’t believe him. The dogs sniff out Sansa and find her under the tree.

The men begin pulling Sansa up when Brienne and Pod ride up and begin fighting them. Brienne kills one on her first pass, but is then knocked off her horse. Podrick kills one, but is unhorsed. He fights off another while Brienne takes the rest down on foot. The last man has Podrick down, but Theon stabs the man from behind. Sansa stands, and Brienne lays down her sword in front of her and once again offers her service to her, swearing by the old gods and the new. Sansa accepts, with Pod reminding her of the proper words to the oath.

Cersei is summoned to the harbor upon Jaime’s return from Dorne. She sees him coming to shore with MYrcella’s corpse.

Later, Cersei asks Jaime about the first time they saw a dead body, their mother. She remembers the body beginning to decay. This turns to mourning for Myrcella, and remembering how she was so sweet and good, unlike Cersei herself. Jaime blames himself for Myrcella’s death, but Cersei tells him about the witch’s prophecy. Jaime, however, isn’t one for prophecy or fate, and vows revenge on anyone who has hurt them.

A septa reads from the Book of the Seven to Margaery in her cell. Margaery asks to see her brother, but the septa simply demands a confession. The High Sparrow enters the cell and sends the septa away. She asks about her brother again, but the High Sparrow wants to speak about Margaery’s husband and how he misses her. Margaery insists she has nothing to confess. High Septon asks if she is perfect and without sin. He says she’s started down a path, but has many miles to go.

In the Water Gardens of Dorne, Ellaria walks with Doran. Doran remembers his brother, and how brother truly lived while Doran was busy uling at home. Ellaria notes that Doran would have been a terrible adventurer, and Oberyn an awful ruler. Doran receives a message of informing him of Myrcella’s death. Tyene kills Areo with a dagger to the back. Ellaria stabs Doran through the chest while the guards watch. She calls him weak and says weak men will never rule Dorne again.
Nymeria and Obara find Trystane in his chamber. They make no pretense about they’re here to do. Trystane challenges Nymeria, but Obara stabs him through the back of the skull with her spear.

Varys and Tyrion walk through the streets of Meereen. Tyrion offers some coin to a beggar woman to feed her baby, his Valyrian is bad and she thinks he wants to eat the baby. Varys clarifies. They come across a man trying to rally the former slaves to fight for themselves now that Dany is gone. Varys points out that out that the Sons of the Harpy are taking orders from someone, and says he’s sent his little birds to find out who it is. A bell rings and a group of people run through the streets. Varys and Tyrion go to where they’re running from, and find Dany’s fleet of ships burning in the harbor.

Daario and Jorah ride through the planes. They find a ram’s skeleton that’s been melted by a dragon. They wonder where Dany got to, and Daario asks why Jorah keeps coming back to Dany. They both remark on how they’d like to live long enough to see the world when Dany is done conquering it. Jorah takes a moment to look at the greyscale growing on his arm. They find an area that shows evidence of a Dothraki khalasar having been there recently. Jorah finds Dany’s ring on the ground ad realizes that the Dothraki must have her.

The Khalasar rides through the barren planes. Dany is bound and walking by the Khal’s bloodriders, who harass her as she goes, not realizing that she speaks Dothraki.

The Khalasar sets up camp by a watering hole. The bloodriders bring Dany to Khal Moro.  Dany introduces herself in Dothraki, with all of her titles listed. Moro tells her she is nobody, and that he will lie with her that night and give him a son. She says she will not lie with him or bear children for anyone, recounting what she was told when her child was lost. She then tells Moro that she was Drogo’s wife. He says touching Drogo’s is forbidden, and gives his word to protect her, and cuts her binds. She wants to be brought back to Meereen, but he says a Khal’s widow must be brought to Vaes Dothrak to live out her days.

Arya, still blind, begs i the street. The waif finds her, two staffs in hand. She tosses one to Arya, tells her to stand and fight, and then attacks her. Arya flails the staff wildly, but the waif easily beats on her. She tells Arya that she’ll see her tomorrow, and walks away.

Throne’s men have Davos’ room surrounded. Thorne knocks on the door, claiming there is no cause to fight. He’s willing to grant amnesty to any black bother who throws down their arms, and will allow Davos to leave. Davos asks for Mutton to survive the trip south. He gives them until nightfall to make a decision. Davos cautions the men that Thorne will kill them all anyway. Davos says they need Melisandre.

Melisandre sits in front of the fire. She walks towards her table and looks in the mirror. She takes off her dress. She then takes off the amulet around her neck and becomes an elderly woman. She then craws under the blankets on her bed.