Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday's Feed - Marvel's Spider-Man Reboot Title

A new web domain registered by Sony Pictures reveals a possible title for the upcoming Spider-Man movie being co-produced by Sony and Marvel Studios. After Tom Holland's Spidey debuts in Captain America: Civil War, he'll get a film of his own in July 2017. The domain: hints that the film may be called Spider-Man: Homecoming.
At first, it might seem like a strange title, but it does have a couple of things going for it.

First, it helps imply the High School setting that Marvel and Sony have very publicly stated the film will have, second, it's a nice nod to the fact that Spider-Man is "coming home" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps most direct, however, is that it was the title of a Spider-Man storyline in the 80s that featured the Avengers.

We pointed out back in November that it sounded like Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans were talking about heading back to Atlanta to shoot the Spider-Man solo flick, and a storyline that features both Iron Man and Captain America would play into that theory nicely.

If the film is based on the comic book storyline, it could also reveal possible villains, including Venom, Lizard, and Black Cat, though it would be very surprising to see Marvel and Sony revisit the Lizard so soon after the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.