Friday, April 8, 2016

Comic Book News Headlines - The Big Question?

While the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer has plenty of excitement and some major reveals, it also poses one major question: Who is that hooded figure?

It's one second of footage, in fact a little less, at about 22 frames. The setting is a chamber with what looks to be a Bacta tank (the primary source of healing in the Star Wars universe) in the center, flanked by two Imperial Royal Guards (the guys in red). A hooded figure looking toward the tank kneels reverently... and that's it.

The immediate thought of some fans was Darth Vader. He's rumored to be in the film, after all, and the timing and setting is right. But when you look at the character, the silhouette really isn't right. It would be odd for Vader to have a hood on over his helmet (which he needs to survive), but this hood is clearly resting directly on a head, no helmet outline can be seen.

Some fans think it may be the Emperor himself, and that's certainly a possibility. It would be odd, however, for him to kneel - who or what would Emperor Palpatine ever bow to in any circumstance, especially in this time frame, the height of his power? No, the Emperor is probably not in the hood (though he could be in the tank).

A new character, then, is most likely. It could be the Grand Admiral character seen in his white outfit in a different look, though going from the white uniform to a black hooded cloak would be strange. The dark cloak certainly says "dark side" to Star Wars fans, though it could be a Rebel infiltrating the room. That of course also makes us ask, if that's a Bacta tank, who is in it? But that's a question we can't even begin to answer.