Saturday, April 9, 2016

Comic Book Headlines - Sleepy Hollow News

It's always shocking when a major character is killed off. Many Sleepy Hollow fans were caught completely off guard during Friday's Season 3 finale, when the show said goodbye to its leading lady.
That's right, the Fox supernatural drama bid farewell to Abbie Mills, who was played by Nicole Beharie.

"Abbie stepped into Pandora’s box, ending her own life in order to save the world from The Hidden One’s tyranny," TV Line recaps. "Jenny killed the weakened god, which angered Pandora, who then decided she wanted to rule the world herself. Ichabod stopped her by summoning The Headless Horseman, who dealt her a fatal blow. As she died, the goddess revealed to a horrified Ichabod that Abbie was truly gone forever."

Once the finale concluded, fans voiced their displeasure wherever they could. However, those of them that have been following the behind-the-scenes drama going on between Beharie and the showrunners probably weren't shocked to see her go.

Variety reports: "Insiders say Beharie has been eyeing an out from her contract for quite some time, as she no longer wanted to be on the show, and the show’s producers did not dispute her potentially leaving."