Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Headlines!

Good Morning!

Weekend is finally here and today Northwest Comics & Games is catching everyone up on the latest news headlines before you start your day.

- Northwest Comics & Games Announcements
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- Disney Reportedly Pulls The Plug On Tron 3 What?
It appeared Tron 3 was moving forward, but a new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Disney has pulled the plug on the sequel.

The second Tron film didn't light it up the box office when you factor in the large budget that was required for the special effects-heavy film. That's why people were caught by surprise in March when unofficial news came out that Tron 3 was a go, and it would begin filming in Vancouver this fall.

It was said that the sequel was going to bring back director Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion) and stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund (Pan). Part of the plot was supposed to focus on Wilde's aggressive, yet native isomorphic algorithm exploring the real world.

- Goonies Day To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of The Film
It’s time to truffle shuffle. Starting next week,  Astoria, Oregon, will hold a days long celebration honor the Goonies' 30th anniversary. Astoria, of course, is where the Goonies was filmed.

For the Goonies’ milestone, Astoria residents are calling upon Goonies aficionados nation-wide for a days long-celebration of Richard Donner’s eighties adventures.  Roughly 15,000 fans will arrive to prove that Goonies never say die, with several events planned to honor their arrival.

On top of at least four different screenings of the films, several cast and crew members will make an appearances, Goonies-themed lectures will be held, an eighties convention will occur, a One-Eyed Willie scavenger hunt will take place, and—yes—even a truffle shuffle will roll through the streets. But The Goonies fun doesn’t end there.

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Astoria locations where Goonies cameras once rolled, including the local jailhouse, the Oregon Film Museum, and even “Mikey’s House.”

For the true Goonies enthusiasts, however, there’s a two-hour “Sail The South: cruise, where visitors can ride with cast members like Sloth’s stunt Double, and Elgin Perkins. The Cruise, which seeks to re-enact One Eyed Willie’s pirate ship jaunt at The Goonies’ climax, will also include a special talk and autograph signing from Chunk himself, Jeff Cohen.

“We were tickled to have all the fans in town and let people know that we have a lot of history here and that we’re also a great town to visit for film tourism and nostalgia,” the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce marketing manager Regina Willkie told The New York Times.
Goonies Day—or Days—will run from June 4 to 7. Should be fun!!!!