Sunday, May 24, 2015

The All-New All-Different Marvel Look Like? Part I

Marvel Comics is teasing an “All-New Marvel” following the events of Secret Wars, the world-destroying and rebuilding mega-event that has currently displaced most of the company’s usual publishing line. So what might that universe look like? Marvel’s been playing things pretty close to the chest, but a few hints have snuck out here and there.

The Fantastic Four
Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four* comic book just ahead of Secret Wars, and we don’t expect it to return when the event is over. Marvel has hinted that, while the Fantastic Four as a unit no longer exists, the characters that make up the first family will still be present in new Marvel Universe.

We know, thanks to the Free Comic Book Day issue Marvel published, that the Human Torch will be with the Inhumans, and that he’s even in a relationship with the Inhuman queen, Medusa.

Where the rest of the Fantastic Four fits in is less clear. The Invisible Woman has been shown to have a working relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D., so she can easily end up playing for their team. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing? Perhaps they’ll just retire.

*Note: As an Fantastic Four comic book fan, I'm very sadden by this whole issue and personally think it's a load of crap that Sony and Marvel can't workout a deal.