Saturday, May 23, 2015

Comics, Comics, Comics!

Good Day Everyone,

Hope your day is going well and if you need something to do?  Then check out your local comic book shop and see these awesome titles to read!

Star Wars #5 $3.99 Marvel Comics
THE GREATEST SPACE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME CONTINUES! As Luke goes home in search of the truth about his late mentor... ...Leia takes Han on a secret mission of vital importance to the Rebellion. Unfortunately, they both run into some unfriendly encounters.

Doctor Who 10th #10 $3.99 Titan Comics
Gabby and the Doctor are back in New York after a terrifying excursion into the past, catching up with family and friends... until The Echo strikes, amplifying everyday noise into ear-shattering, mind-splinteringly debilitating waves of sound. What is the Echo - and can the Doctor and Gabby solve the mystery before the cacophany drives the city mad? Plus: 'Doctor... you are coming back?'

GFT Little Mermaid #4 $3.99 Zenescope Entertainment
Zenescope's brand new re-imagining of a classic continues? Will a betrayal from within be enough to wrest Erica from the clutches of Hibocorp? Will Ursula be successful in convincing the King of Atlantis that only she holds the key to the survival of his only child? Will Erica lose her family before she has the opportunity to even learn of their existence?

X-files Season 10 #24 $3.99 IDW Publishing
The penultimate chapter of Season 10! Mulder has come face to face with the mysterious leader of the resurrected Syndicate and learned many of its secrets. But will he survive the experience?