Sunday, January 18, 2015

Comics, Comics, Comics

Hello Comic Book Fans,

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  Do you need something to do today?  Well, Northwest Comics & Games is taking a second look at the comic books that didn't make the countdown from this past week. 

Fables The Wolf Among Us #1 $3.99  DC Comics
Even before the first issue of FABLES, there were stories to be told, shadowy avenues to explore, and lives hanging in the balance! Bigby Wolf has seen plenty in his time as Sheriff of Fabletown?but nothing can prepare him for this... It all starts with a simple domestic disturbance. But when Bigby learns that his old nemesis, the Woodsman who has an axe to grind, is part of the scene, things go downhill fast. And how will Bigby and Snow White keep their heads long enough to crack the case when they get caught up in a grisly murder mystery?

Superman Wonder Woman #15  $3.99  DC Comics
Wonderstar's destiny is starting to become clear - and his path may lead to the end of humanity! Will Superman and Wonder Woman be able to prevent him from becoming what - or who - he's meant to be?

Walking Dead #136  $2.99  Image Comics
One word.... "Found."

Avengers #40  $4.99  Marvel Comics

GFT Wonderland #31  $3.99  Zenescope Entertainment
With her mother ruling as the White Queen of Wonderland, Violet finally has the opportunity for a normal life. But first Violet must battle the beasts that stalked her all the way back to Earth. Is this a part of the Ace of Spades's scheme to destroy the Liddles, or is the Mad Hatter making a final play for Violet?