Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Comic Book Spotlight! - Skyward #1

Skyward #1 $3.99 Image Comics
'MY LOW-G LIFE,' Part One: One day, gravity on earth suddenly became a fraction of what it is now. Twenty years later, humanity has adapted to its new low-gravity reality. And to Willa Fowler, a woman born just after G-day, it's...well, it's pretty awesome, actually. You can fly through the air! I mean, sure, you can also die if you jump too high. So you just don't jump too high. And maybe don't stumble into a dangerous plan to bring gravity back that could get you killed.... From writer JOE HENDERSON (showrunner of Fox's Lucifer) and artist LEE GARBETT (Lucifer, Loki: Agent of Asgard), SKYWARD is an adventure-filled exploration of our world turned upside down and a young woman's journey to find her place in it.

Pick of The Week - Superman #45

Superman #45 $2.99 DC Comics
'BOYZARRO RE-DEATH' finale! The challenge of the Bizarroverse continues as the Super Foes battle the Legion of Fun! As Superman and Son return to Hamilton for a quick recharge, they learn what the little town truly meant to them-and what they meant to the locals of the town.

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown 04/18/2018

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Countdown! As we each and every week, we're suggesting the following comic book titles for you to read. Please remember to contact your local comic store to see if they carry titles you see today.  Happy New Comic Book Day and keep on reading comics!

Enjoy this week's countdown and happy reading!

10. Star Trek Discovery Succession #1 $3.99 IDW Publishing
In this, the second Discovery miniseries from IDW Publishing, your favorite characters from the hit CBS All Access series dive into an adventure tied directly into the second half of the first season!

9. Super Sons #15 $3.99 DC Comics
'End of Innocence' Part One! Robin and Superboy have been to hell and back again, but this time their friendship must stand the ultimate test: the Amazo Project! Kid Amazo returns as the pieces of this deadly plan fall into place and reveal a secret that might tear apart Damian and Jon's growing friendship.

8. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 $3.99 (Must Read)
After the shocking events of the last issue, Lord Drakkon's victory seems assured-unless the Rangers can find a way to team up with another team of Power Rangers they've never met before!
7. Cable #156 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Past Fears Part 2
It was only a couple of years ago that CABLE and a young HOPE were fleeing from BISHOP across a barren wasteland. But Bishop isn't the only one hell-bent on hunting down the father and daughter duo! As fear consumes Cable, can he fend off both Bishop and a Techno-Organic monster to protect his daughter?

6. Jirni Volume 3 #2 $3.99 Aspen Comics
Aspen's popular fantasy adventure series, JIRNI, returns for an epic third volume! While Ara shares her story with the young D'jinn she discovered lost in captivity, the mother she is searching for gets to know the other D'jinn trapped under Torinthal's control, as they share their own tragic tales. The Fall of the D'jinn continues!

5. X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 $3.99 IDW Publishing
For 25 years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been shining their flashlights into the shadows, searching for the truth. To celebrate this anniversary, IDW Publishing is launching a new series of The X-Files case files! Under this banner, faithful fans will see the release of numerous micro-series, featuring stories that explore X-Files of the past and present by top talent from comics and prose!

4. Amazing Spider-Man #799 $3.99 Marvel Comics (Must Read)
SPIDER-MAN will need to the help of friend and foe alike if he hopes to stop THE GREEN GOBLIN this time! The mystery of the RED GOBLIN is finally revealed, and it's not going to be pretty for Peter Parker!

3. Kick-Ass #3 $3.99 Image Comics
KICK-ASS IS BACK. Patience Lee's shaking up the city's organized crime rings to feed her family and give stolen money back to the community. But the enemies she's making have friends in low places, friends that will avenge their bosses come hell or high water. The city's most violent offender is fresh out of jail, and he's got Kick-Ass in his sights. The third installment of the high-octane, blood-soaked return of KICK-ASS from MARK MILLAR and JOHN ROMITA JR.

2. Batman #45 $2.99 DC Comics (Must Read)
'THE TRAVELERS' part one! Booster Gold has come to Gotham City, and he's enlisting Batman and Catwoman to go on a time-traveling mission to rescue...Booster Gold! It seems a younger Booster Gold has gone back in time to kidnap an even younger version of himself, and to rescue his own past, Booster must pursue both of his previous incarnations through Batman's history to find out what is going on. The start of a new story that will sow the seeds for a whole new epic to come-and also the return of Master Class artist Tony S. Daniel (DAMAGE) to BATMAN!

1. Action Comics #1000 $7.99 DC Comics (Hot Title)
Celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics with an all-star lineup of top talent as they pay tribute to the comic that started it all! From today's explosive action to a previously unpublished tale illustrated by the legendary Curt Swan to the Man of Tomorrow's future-this very special, oversized issue presents the best of the best in Superman stories!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Comic Book Pass Look for 04/11/2018

Hello Comic Book fans,

Did you miss something last week? Well, Northwest Comics & Games Presents Comic Book Pass Look for 4/11/2018.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81 $3.99 IDW Publishing
'Kingdom of the Rats,' Part 1. New York City is in ruins after the Triceraton Invasion. Various groups jockey for control in the power vacuum. But there is one who doesn't care about power, only chaos... the Rat King! Will the TMNT be able to stop him from doing the unspeakable?

Captain America #700 $5.99 Marvel Comics
Frozen in time, awakened in a decimated future and once again a man out of his era, there is only one way for Steve Rogers to restore order and rebuild civilization-and that's to rule it as King Captain America! No dream, no hoax, no lie, this IS Cap and this IS happening, believe it or not!

Domino #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE Part 1 Impossible curves. Impossible shots. Impossible targets. Marvel's #1 soldier of fortune is back in an explosive new ongoing series! The product of a failed super-soldier program, Neena Thurman always made her own luck as the sharpshooting mercenary known as Domino... but what happens when her own powers betray her? The hunter becomes the hunted as every mercenary in the game smells blood in the water! Plus: A pair of beloved Marvel characters return!

Wonder Woman #44 $2.99 DC Comics
'AMAZONS ATTACKED' part four! When last they met, Wonder Woman was robbed of a chance to meet Darkseid in single combat-and she's certain she'd be able to take him down. At last, she's going to get her wish-but with Darkseid at full power, is she still sure she'll survive?

Comci Book Preview - Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Vol. 2

Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Vol. 2
Writer/Artist: Yu Tomofuji
Her heart still aching after spying a rival princess in the midst of seducing the king, Sariphi gains an unlikely ally in the court. Princess Amit of the reptile clan is a hopeless romantic, and she's determined to push the erstwhile sacrifice into the king's arms. Meanwhile, Chancellor Anubis and the Council, intent on keeping human blood out of both the royal bloodline and the king's affections, concoct a bizarre test: unless Sariphi can summon a Holy Beast, she'll never be allowed to become His Majesty's Queen Consort...
On Sale Date: July 17, 2018
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD
192 pages

Comic Book Preview - Gabriel Dropout, Vol. 4

Gabriel Dropout, Vol. 4
Writer/Artist: UKAMI
Gabriel heads back to Heaven, but with the strict no-human-entertainment policy up there, it's kind of a drag. But Gabriel's got games to play, and she'll spare no effort to do so! How will she overcome Heaven's mandate? Find out in Volume 4 of Gabriel Dropout!
On Sale Date: July 17, 2018
$13.00 USD, $17.00 CAD
192 pages

Comic Book Preview - Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden Witch, Vol. 3

Umineko WHEN THEY CRY Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden Witch, Vol. 3
Writer: Ryukishi07
Artist: Eita Mizuno
What new truths will Lion and Will uncover on their journey through the many legends of Beatrice? Is the truth of Beatrice as everyone expected, or yet another twist on the Witch's curved path?
On Sale Date: July 17, 2018
$30.00 USD, $39.00 CAD
624 pages

Comic Book Fast Look for 04/25/2018 (2 Weeks Out)


There are some many awesome comic book titles coming out soon. Northwest Comics & Games Presents Comic Book Fast Look for 04/25/2018 (2 Weeks Out) as look ahead to new comics!

J Scott Campbell Danger Girl 20th Anniv. $9.99 IDW Publishing
It's been 20 years since Danger Girl first exploded onto the comics scene, and IDW is celebrating by re-presenting the introductory preview story and the first oversized issue. Plus, for the first time ever, these two stories will be presented in crisp black and white pencils, scanned from Campbell's very own personal archives-and with no lettering to obstruct the art! If you love J. Scott Campbell's art-and who doesn't-you'll be able to see Danger Girl like never before!

Hunt for Wolverine #1 $5.99 Marvel Comics
The RETURN OF WOLVERINE begins here, providing the first piece of a mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched. Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with Logan's death, they learn a terrible secret. Old wounds will be re-opened, truths questioned, and an epic quest begun. The earliest clues to the mystery of Wolverine's return are laid down here... who will solve it first?

Witchblade #5 $3.99 Top Cow / Image Comics
'LIFE AFTER,' Part Five: How do you stop a demon that could be anyone, anywhere in New York City? Alex better figure it out fast because among other tricks, this demon has the NYPD convinced Alex is guilty of murder, and the Witchblade is on the run.

Teen Titans #19 $3.99 DC Comics
'The Following' part three! Beast Boy has gone rogue, turned by the nefarious Puppeteer into an unstoppable killing machine, along with hundreds of innocent teenagers! Can the Teen Titans stop their former friend's deadly rampage and put an end to the Puppeteer's reign once and for all?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday's Headlines - Netflix Will Pay You To Binge Anime On One Condition

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were paid to watch anime and other TV shows all day? That dream could be a reality with this new Netflix position.

Netflix is hiring someone to "watch, research, tag, annotate, and write analysis for movie and TV content" and while it seems like the dream position for anime lovers, there's a major twist: needing to be proficient in a non-English language.

Netflix has listed a new position on their website for an Editorial Analyst of their original content (you can find the full job posting at this link) and states that the person they are looking for is "an entertainment-savvy analyst to help categorize television series, specials, and movies for our 100+ million users."

According to the job position, the incoming Editorial Analyst will "be tagging, rating, researching, and enhancing title-level metadata for the Netflix Originals catalogue in a high-volume, high-quality, deadline-driven environment."

While this may sound like a dream job for those in the Los Angeles area (or willing to move), the applicant must be proficient in a language other than English in order to be considered for the position. Along with the other requirements of needing to have at least five years of experience in this area of expertise, needing to be proficient in a non-English language is a hefty hurdle to overcome.

While the description for the Editorial Analyst position does not specify that the position involves anime series, it would only make sense that the medium would be heavily involved for anyone who is in this position.

Netflix has previously stated that they plan to raise their anime distribution for 2018, and the fruits of that labor are already being plucked with the streaming service not only already premiering major streaming exclusives like for The Seven Deadly Sins, Kakegurui, and Violet Evergarden, but they have also premiered brand new anime series on the service like B: The Beginning and A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- .

The person who does land in this position will most likely view a ton of their incoming anime series, as well as many of their other multiple releases before they officially land on the service. Netflix is producing a ton of new anime, television series, and movies and adding them to their service almost every day so the Editorial Analyst position sounds like a fun but busy one.